Are You Still Resolute?

If I haven't said it to you already, Happy Twenty-seventeen! There truly are exciting days ahead, and some not so exciting days to learn from behind us. And with the addition of this [...]

Will You Please Stop Hitting Me

Privilege can be a wonderful thing. As a young boxer in my twenties I had the privilege of being taller than most of my opponents. But, it was only a beneficial [...]

How to Have Better Communication

Reciprocating dialogue, or communication, is the bedrock of understanding. You cannot create a healthy connection without it. If you've ever been to a foreign location where the language differs from the [...]

5 Reasons He Doesn’t Want Sex From You

Most women say men are complicated creatures. And most men would argue quite the opposite. All we want are a few things to call our own, a woman who thinks we're invincible, [...]

6 Reasons She Isn’t Interested in Sex

Just as badly as men want sex, women just want to be loved, and to the masculine mind that equates to more sex. Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth. [...]